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Ceremonial Rope DreamWave Sculpture

Water nozzle Selection

Ritsuko Taho, the fountain engineer and the contractor tested different types of fountain nozzles on site during the summer of 2006. Taho selected the type of nozzle shown here that produces a linear water jet.


Water Jet Adjustmant

In July and August, 2006 the fountain pool contractor and system engineer worked to make sure that the water jets would be lined up and parallel to each other. They worked hard throughout the hot summer to ensure the fountain was properly adjusted.

Water Jet Adjustmant Water Jet Adjustmant
Water Jet Adjustmant Water Jet Adjustmant

Data Collection

Taho used a sensor attached to the Baobab tree for short term recording during the early stages of her project research in 2003. It demonstrated the artist's idea of incorporating the life data of the Baobab tree into the fountain system. However this sensor was not suitable for outdoor operation, especially one for long-term use. Taho was assisted by a scientist and an arborist who actually took long-term data from a variety of trees in Japan. She developed the design of a new sensor and made it suitable for operation at the park. Once the sensor box with new equipment was installed, the City built a temporary fence to protect it. Data collection continued, with the help of a local arborist. The data collection box survived Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and the data was safely taken.  Taho organized the data for fountain operation of both programmed and real-time operation.

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