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Ceremonial Rope DreamWave Sculpture

DreamWave Sculpture

The DreamWave Walkway was inspired by the vision of Joseph W. Young, the founder of the City of Hollywood, who is said to have had a dream to create the City of Hollywood. A statue of Mr. Young anchors the western end of the park where the DreamWave Walkway begins. The DreamWave pattern depicts typical brain activity during the R.E.M. stage of sleep when most dreams are thought to occur. The terrazzo DreamWave pattern is embedded in the concrete pavement, and it establishes a clear visual connection between the statue of Joseph W. Young and the fountain, where the water symbolizes Hollywood’s crystal clear ocean. Dozens of delicate sliced seashells embedded in the terrazzo punctuate the DreamWave pattern and recall multiple connections of Mr. Young’s dream to the ocean here.




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