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Ceremonial Rope DreamWave Sculpture

Ceremonial Rope

Many legends speak of the Tree of Life which is probably the most ancient and universal human myth.  In Japan where there is a deep respect for nature, the community identifies an old and/or important tree as a sacred tree. People use a rope and white paper ornaments to represent a sacred place where the spirit is welcome. A thick ceremonial rope is made for the tree with special rice straw and it is replaced with a new rope every year.  Taho's unique design was woven by skilled rope-makers in Northern Japan for the special Baobab Tree in the ArtsPark.

The tradition of the sacred grove, often associated with secrecy and initiation rites, was widespread in many cultures. Groups of trees, or portions of natural or planted forests, were considered to be separate from the rest and untouchable. Many of these groves retain their significance to the present day: the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) includes several groves and forests recognized for their spiritual as well as ecological values as sacred or holy.


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