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Ritsuko Taho is an artist who works in the public art arena in the areas of landscape sculpture, earthwork and urban sculptural installations.

Taho is primarily interested in relationships to others: the relationship between nature and people, as well as people to one another. Dealing with these issues, she explores the use of various natural materials, and since the early 1980s has incorporated community participation into her installations.

Taho has collaborated with architects, landscape architects, engineers and various professionals in her projects. Her recent public art seeks new approaches to natural environment, while she investigates the fundamental issues of approaches to nature in collaboration with scientists and engineers as well as forest professionals.

Risuko Taho

2007 30 Billion Years of Zero, Midland Square, Nagoya, Japan
2006 QIAO, Kyushu University Ito campus, Fukuoka, Japan
2006 Green Villa of Love, Kawanishi-Tsumari, Niigata, Japan
2003 Green Villa, Kawanishi-Tsumari, Niigata, Japan
2002 Poem Windows, Amherst, MA, USA
2000 Mist Fountain, Charlotte, NC, USA
1998 Joy-Farm Shop with Many Orders, Minami-Ashiyahama, Japan
1997 Multicultural Manifestoes, Central Square, Cambridge, MA, USA
1994 POSTUTOPIA, Nasu, Japan

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